Special Needs Ministry

Diverse Abilities, Unified Community: Our Special Needs Ministry

A Place of Welcome

The special needs ministry is passionate to serve the specific needs of every child who enters Crossroads Impact Church. We recognize that every child’s needs are different. Whether your child has a physical, cognitive, medical, or hidden disability, or just needs some extra assistance, it is our mission to reflect God’s love on our special needs friends and their families, so they may discover who they are in Christ and impact others for the kingdom of God. We can also serve your child who is newly adopted or in foster care and desire to make the transition into their church family as seamless as possible.

Our volunteers will serve as a “buddy” with your child to ensure a positive and safe environment in which they can participate to their full potential in the children’s ministry activities. Volunteers will be prepared to make modifications as needed to allow for an ideal learning and fellowship experience. 

We hope to support families with special needs and build a trusting relationship with each one of them. We desire to make Crossroads Impact Church your place of welcome.

We ask that you fill out the intake form at registration so that we can best serve your child.

Register Your Child
Become a Volunteer and Make an Impact!

If you’re interested in joining our special needs ministry as a volunteer, take a look at the Buddy Volunteer Summary for more information, and don’t hesitate to email Nicole at specialneeds.cic@gmail.com. We’d love to have you on board!